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Our consultancy service can help whilst your app is being built. Providing guidance, ensuring security is built in and not a bolt on.
As well as our comprehensive penetration testing service, ensuring that your mobile app is fully tested and you're aware of any risks and vulnerabilities.

Not just another security company. We are specialists in mobile application security.

We have spent years in research, producing whitepapers, presenting at security conferences and the only thing we do is mobile applications. We're not a jack of all trades, but instead have fine tuned our skills to ensure we can provide a comprehensive security testing solution to meet your needs. We also contribute to the OWASP Mobile Top Ten project to ensure best security practice is shared amongst the infosec community.

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Unlocked Manchester

How is it a free Android application that has been downloaded more times than WhatsApp can turn your phone into malware, sending your private data to China and inserting adverts? I discussed my journey of researching mobile malware and how you can too.

OWASP Newcastle

I am a Chapter leader for the OWASP Newcaslte Chapter and have presented my research numerous times. During my time as chapter leader attendance at events has more than doubled.

BBC Click

I was the main guest on the BBC Click world service, I discussed my research ”50 Million Downloads...” talking about overreaching permissions apps ask for but also the general state of mobile security.


Presented the OWASP Mobile security project top 10 for 2015, giving real life anonymised examples of vulnerabilities identified during testing, and how to avoid building these into your own apps.

"Andrew displays that rare gift of being able to assimilate information from one context, and then re-applying that information and understanding to technical challenges. He is a careful and creative thinker with an eye for detail, and he is confident with his opinions and observations, but can also show a willingness to listen and embrace new ideas and concepts."

- Dr. Christopher Laing

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